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From the beginning SIMTRU was founded on the principles of creating a work culture that totally submits itself to the SIMPLE TRUTH.  Our objective and philosophy is to provide every team member the ability to grow in their personal and professional life.  Each team member has the opportunity to determine what that growth looks like. Our main purpose is to provide a 1-2-3 Simple Plan.
SIMTRU Leadership's SIMPLE Promise:
    1 - Provide team members the opportunity to succeed
    2 - Support & treat each team member with the utmost respect
    3 - Simply pay team members fairly and promptly at all times
SIMTRU Team Member Expectation:​
     1- Willing to put in the time and effort for success
     2 - Always be honest beyond reproach
     3- Follow the "Golden Rule", treat others as you would like to be treated!​
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